Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Doctor's appointments ... HERE WE COME!

Well, the insurance situation is fixed (after MANY MANY phone calls ... just to change our address) and the boys will be going for their "well child" check ups on Monday. Why is this worthy of a post, you may ask. Well, it's all I've been able to hear about since I told them of the appointment. They have been doctors and checked each other and ALL of their stuffed animals. Now they are planning what kind of presents they want to take to Dr. Ervin. I'm not quite sure why we are bringing him presents, but I'll do it if it means they will continue being excited about going to the dr! Oh and now we can start the process of scheduling appointments for Jason to have his tonsils taken out -- at least that's what Dr. Ervin said last time we brought Jason in. We'll see on Monday. All I know is ... those tonsils are definitely not any smaller than they were a few months ago! Yuck! Poor guy! Well, I hope everyone has a GREAT day! We love you all!!!

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