Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Attitude Update

So, here are my thoughts after reviewing my thoughts on medicating myself:

1) Try taking yourself OFF of the meds you thought you needed. (Just eliminating my allergy med has calmed me significantly.)
2) Just try to accept yourself as you are ... after all, no one is perfect.
3) Accept that, when you are with some people you more stressed. With others you are more relaxed.
4) Let go of any ideas that you might have on what people expect of you. You're never gonna be able to be perfect for everyone! What matters is that you are the best YOU you can be.


Wow! It is working. I may not be calm 100% of the time, but who is?! I love my life, my kids, my hubby, and all of my family and friends! Thank you everyone for your love and support.

Oh, and I will not be getting meds. I WILL be changing my diet and trying natural methods before I think any further on the subject.

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